Bonne Agence SEO


At Magno SEO, we work with a limited number of clients to ensure total focus on your business. We select very carefully who we work with. Our clients must:

1. Have a healthy and active business – we work with businesses that are already running and want to grow faster. We don´t work with:
• Start-ups
• Adult websites
• Drogues, violence related websites.

2. Have a steady client base – your business must be promoting its services/products and be present in the market.

3. Have a great service/product and reputation – our work will ensure your visibility so your company must offer high value to your customers.

If you think that the previous points describe well your business and that we are a good match, fill out the discovery form. It’s very easy; we just need to know more about your business; what you sell and what your goals are. Then we will analyse your answers and offer you a customized plan to increase your revenue thanks to free traffic from Google. This plan will be based on the same process that has helped our existent clients generate amazing income increases.
After analyzing your answers, we will contact you as soon as possible.